Who we are.

When you have pet then you have to extract time for them but if you are so busy then do no worry NEED companion is all about to help all the lovers of Pet. As a solution we provide different services with all the necessary products and keeping in mind the Luxuries of your pet. Now you can choose your companion, and we will provide you everything.

What we do.

We sell pets and their products, and provide different kinds of services related to your pet.

Pet grooming

We offered hygienic care and cleaning of a pet, as well as a process by which a pet physical appearnce is enhanced for shows or othertypes of competitions!

Day care

We help to take out your pet for morning or evening walk!

Pet keeping

NEED companion also find the alternatives to keep your pet in case you are out for weekend or something else!

Event organiser

We also organise events for the special day of your pet.Birthday parties, marriages etc!


Provide doctor certificates regarding health of the Pet!

Registration in municipality

We help to get registered your pet in the municipality!